The NFC playing field has been waiting for two things:

(1.) Apple to open up NFC capabilities on their devices and

(2.) an easy-to-use, cloud-controlled, tag-management tool.

With Apple’s announcement at WWDC 2017 – which has now been fulfilled with the release of iOS 11 – and Purple Deck’s TapLive® solution, the two biggest pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place, and the race is on to make the dream of NFC a reality.

The fact that Apple has opened up tag-reading capabilities on its devices is a big deal for the obvious reason that their devices make up a substantial percentage of the potential NFC market. There is no doubt that as we explore Apple’s NFC capabilities, we will frequently revisit the subject in this blog.

But why is it so important to be able to manage tags remotely through the cloud?

Because traditional NFC encoders are difficult to use and require the tag to be in physical contact with the encoder, which simply isn’t feasible for large-scale deployments.

What happens when your retail space adds a new product? Or your warehouse rearranges the entire facility? Or when manufacturers send new products to the market?

While encoders might be effective for the initial roll-out, editing thousands of data sets through physical contact would require time and effort at a magnitude that would destroy any benefits of an NFC implementation.

Additionally, traditional encoding interfaces are clunky and awkward to use, which limits the percentage of your staff that could be trained to use it. Sometimes they even require additional apps or Microsoft Excel. This, again, results in a loss of productivity that eats into the benefits of your NFC program.

Purple Deck’s TapLive doesn’t require any additional hardware encoding, so even if every item in your warehouse gets moved, the tags can stay where they are, and the content can be updated remotely.

The whole point of NFC is seamless engagement for customers AND implementers, and TapLive delivers on both ends regardless of access device.

When I first arrived at Purple Deck Media in May, Marketing & Sales Manager Janelle DelSignore demonstrated TapLive’s capabilities by creating a tag that launched a video.

Then she edited it so that it opened a website.

Then she edited it to “click-to-call,” and she called herself on a second phone with a single tap.

She made all of these changes in under five minutes while simultaneously explaining that with TapLive it’s possible to embed all of these actions via a single tag.

The ability to manage these actions remotely through the cloud was critical in Purple Deck’s recent roll-out of NFC tags in a U.S. pharmacy. The tags were initially loaded with information and videos at Purple Deck’s facility before being delivered to the pharmacy. Now the pharmacy can edit the tags on the fly to suit their needs or – if needed – we can make quick edits for them without moving the tags or even leaving our office.

Apple’s announcement frees up a huge market space for NFC tags, but TapLive is the tool that enables businesses to capitalize on it.

Contact us today to discuss how TapLive can make your business more engaging with cloud-controlled NFC.