The magic of subscription box services is that every customer is a repeat customer.

TapLive® keeps customers engaged month after month.

In an article exploring the possibilities of smart packaging, Ian Lifshitz of Packaging Digest placed NFC chips at the top of the list noting that:

By scanning NFC chips embedded in packaging, consumers could gain access to recipes, cooking instructions and inspiration for specific products, offering a richer experience with much more information than could otherwise be included. By helping brands to engage with customers in this way, smart packaging could play a significant role in boosting brand engagement and helping to spur additional product purchases.”

At Purple Deck, we couldn’t agree more, and we offer a variety of NFC-enabled packaging solutions.

While NFC can be embedded in virtually any type of packaging, the opportunity is particularly valuable to subscription box services. There are more than 2,000 subscription box services shipping makeup, clothing and food to customers’ doors month after month, exposing countless users to new products, samples and delicacies.

Here are three ways that TapLive™ can increase engagement in subscription box subscribers.

1.) Content

With a single tap, subscribers can access recipes, assembly instructions, product descriptions and videos to make sure that they are getting the most out of their subscriptions. It’s the next best thing to sending a professional chef, make-up artist or stylist inside the box.

2.) Community

Additionally, subscribers can connect with each other through user reviews, user tips and other user-created content. Customers can also send their friends invitations to join the service before the thrill of receiving their mystery packages wears off.

3.) Communication

When subscribers tap the NFC chip, the company can be alerted that the product has been received, opened and engaged with. Plus, the subscription box service can get direct feedback from their subscribers through surveys while logging warranty information.

TapLive completes the puzzle for subscription box services by allowing them to manage and edit their NFC tags remotely through the cloud in real time. This ensures that customers always have the most up-to-date information whether it’s simply your company’s contact information or an important safety recall.

Contact us to learn more about how you can increase your subscription rate while maximizing the engagement across your existing subscriber base using NFC technology.