Purple Deck is already addressing these needs with TapLive®, our NFC solution for small to enterprise-level businesses.

According to a recent RetailDive survey, “about 78% of 1,000 consumers surveyed said they want businesses such as retailers, restaurants and hotels to do a better job of using technology to improve the experience, while 61% want self-service tools at their disposal rather than tracking down or waiting for an employee to drive the experience for them.”

By allowing business owners to manage and edit NFC tags remotely through the cloud, we are empowering them to create engaging and informative retail spaces. If a customer has a question about a product, they can simply tap their NFC-enabled smartphone to the tag and get the information they need.

Not only does the customer not have to wait for an associate to appear, the process is instant, seamless and entirely within the customer’s control.

Additionally, the survey indicated that “77% of respondents said they were more likely to shop at brick-and-mortar retail stores that offer self-serve or assisted tablets.”

Rather than have businesses invest heavily into tablets for every employee, they can utilize the smart devices that are already in their customers’ pockets. This allows customers to use devices they are already familiar with and spares businesses the time-cost of employee training.

Plus, it puts the business’s information in the best real estate in town – the one place that customers are already looking – their smartphones.

This is especially valuable for small and independent stores because it allows them to provide customers with a level of engagement that has previously only been possible for national chains.

Value is also extended to enterprise-level businesses as a way to enhance their in-store customer engagement quickly with a minimum of capital. Specifically, “49% of customers said they just wanted to use tools to check price…and 43% wanted to use the devices to help them redeem discounts and promotions.”

By tapping a TapLive-enabled NFC tag, customers have instant access to any information that the businesses want to give them: websites, videos, user reviews, customer surveys, and, of course, price. And because TapLive is remotely controlled through the cloud, managers can create and edit promotions onto the tags throughout their stores (and across various locations of their stores) in real time using our easy-to-use dashboard.

TapLive is a powerful tool for retail associates and managers that allows them to satisfy evolving – and sometimes contradictory – customer needs such as increased self-service and employees who know the answer to every question.

It also frees them up to provide superior customer service and create an environment that customers will want to return to again and again.